Azimuth versus dip plot

One of a series of SCAT plots introduced by Bengtson (1981), it is a bivariate scatter plot of azimuth (X-axis, scaled 180°-0°-180°) versus dip (Y-axis, scaled 0°-90°, positive up) for picked or calculated planar features.  If a section of dipmeter or image data mirrors a known underlying structural geometry (including uniform planar dips, non-plunging folds, plunging folds, doubly plunging folds and domes), it will generate a particular pattern on the plot.  Such patterns can be numerically assessed to derive geometries of curvature, and the dip (transverse) and strike (longitudinal) direction.


BENGTSON, C. A. 1981.  Statistical curvature analysis techniques for structural interpretation of dipmeter data.  Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 65, 312-332.


See also azimuth plot, dip plot, SCAT plots.



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