Standard structural analysis



Includes quick look analysis and additional services as follows:

  • Curvature analysis of progressive dip trends.
  • Assessment of structural style to characterise gravity transport deposits.
  • Identification and interpretation of fracture sets by character and orientation.
  • Generation of fracture frequency and spacing data along the wellbore and correction to mitigate borehole sampling bias. Presentation of fracture frequency curves by constant interval, structural zone and supplied unit.
  • Fault kinematic analysis, including modelling of drag geometry to estimate sense of offset and minimum throw, and the description of damage zones.
  • Presentation of structural cross-sections through transverse sections.
  • Interpretation of present-day in-situ stress indicators such as borehole breakout, drilling-induced tension fractures, oriented calipers and acoustic transit time to assess the orientation of the present-day stress field at the wellbore.