Pore Pressure Prediction

  • Identification of the over-pressure generating mechanisms influencing formation pressure.
  • Seismic and log derived 1D pore pressure models generated using industry standard techniques for estimating shale based pore pressure. Utilising all available petrophysical logs, drilling data and drilling events for calibration of the pore pressure model. 
  • Optimised seismic processing for pre-drill pore pressure modelling used in wildcat exploration or new well locations. Offset logs depth stretched to anticipated formation tops in proposed well locations for use as a real-time analogue.
  • Where possible, pre-drill pore pressure is modelled from the mudline to well TD or over the corresponding section of interval velocity data. Pore pressure model will be calibrated in permeable zones using any available formation pressure indicators e.g. formation pressure test data or formation pressure indicators such as an influx.
  • Post well review of pre-drill pore pressure estimates vs actual well events or the real-time model. Regional model and understanding updated to include lessons learned.