ICAT (Integrated Completion Advisor Tool)

The Integrated Completion Advisor Tool is designed to integrate the analysis of logging data to provide a recommendation on where to complete a well in a relatively short time frame. It comprises a composite plot with all the analysis components and a summary of all pertinent information as part of the header. The final track provides recommendations on where to complete based on an integrated analysis of all the other data presented. Though designed through the need for intelligent completions in unconventional reservoirs, it is relevant in all reservoirs where completion decisions are required in a short time frame.


Petrophysical evaluation of conventional reservoirs within logged interval

Detailed borehole image analysis including:

  • Complete structural Interpretation with bedding classification and orientation
  • Fracture ID, classification, orientation, fracture density and porosity
  • Fault ID, classification, orientation
  • Sedimentological facies classification and interpretation of depositional environments


Resource estimation including:

  • TOC
  • Adsorbed gas
  • Gas in place
  • Complete geomechanical analysis of interval including:
  • Poisson’s ratio and Young’s modulus
  • Brittleness
  • Estimation of horizontal stress direction and magnitude
  • Sonic waveform processing and analysis
  • Perform detailed QC of field sonic
  • Compute shear and Stonely slowness from waveforms
  • Compute shear anisotropy


Further information in ICAT can be found by clicking here.